Also, I may murder my own mother

I went round to see her this afternoon, because her smoke alarm was cheeping, and tried the change the battery. When I twisted it, as the embossed instructions said to do, I wrenched the whole damn thing off the ceiling. So when she dies in a fire it will all be my fault. Various people will undoubtedly claim as much on their blogs, but remember, I got the scoop first.

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One Response to Also, I may murder my own mother

  1. Jaliya says:

    Bloody smoke alarms! Yes, they serve a purpose, and the hideous noise they make can save lives. But trying to yank one all the way out of the ceiling is a truly Sisyphusian endeavour. There seems to be one particular wire that will not yank free no matter how much paint, plaster, ceiling and roof you hail down on your own head. And there are few pains-in-the-ass more infuriating than living in an apartment and having next-door neighbours who seem to eat red meat six times a day, frying gobs of flesh to the point that they set off their own alarm. Betcha never heard that kind of reason to go vegetarian, eh? 😉

    (I’ve just found your blog today — really enjoy your humour!)

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