Not pronounced the obvious way

There is to be a new Anglican Communion, based around the 1662 prayerbook and the 39 Articles — delicious, that Peter Akinola and Peter Jensen should be heading up an organisation which takes as an article of faith that foreign bishops shall have no jurisdiction in this realm of England. It will be called FOCA, and it won’t acknowledge the authority of Canterbury though it’s not clear who will in fact run it, and so which will be the baddest mother FOCA church.

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  1. scv says:

    When cultures change, those most invested in the way things were say nothing new, they just same the same things louder.
    Won’t acknowledge WHAT authority of Canterbury? This is a straw prelate, since Canterbury has no authority, it is simply an instrument of unity.
    Where does +Michael Roffen: stand in all this?

  2. scv says:

    > the baddest mother FOCA church.

    Dat soun’ real sinister wij your acccent Bro. You oviously been hangin’ wid some real badass brothers down your particular ‘hood.

  3. Alan Wilson says:

    It sounded Irish to me — reminded me of the Irish battle of Britain pilot who announced to his wing “Dem Fockers is Messerschmitts”

  4. acb says:

    Alan — I had heard the story told against RP — about Douglas Bader talking to Benenden, or some similar establishment: “There were were — three of the fuckers above us, another two Jerries behind us, so we just dived straight at the fuckers underneath.”
    Headmistress, nervously: “There was, of course, girls, a German plane called the Focke-Wullf 190”
    Bader: “I don’t know about that but these fuckers were Messerschmidts.”

  5. acb says:

    scv: that is the wrong question. What you should be asking is what he doubtless asks himself: what is the disposition of the globe such that +Roffen is at its apex, for that is always his position.

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  7. Louise says:

    Yes and how are the great anti-imperialists doing with according The Queen’s majesty chief power over all estates in her dominions? Not to mention restraining with “the civil sword the stubborn and evildoers” – does that mean that Peter Jensen acknowledges that Brenda can pop round and exercise headship over him any time she likes?

  8. scv says:

    Forgive me Louise, is Brenda Mrs Jensen?

  9. scv says:

    Sorry, I obviously don’t read Private Eye where Brenda is the Queen.

  10. Brenda = QEII (according to Private Eye)

  11. Rupert says:

    According to the latest intelligence (*) the Focas didn’t mean to be called Focas but gained the appellation unwittingly, via the offices of the sainted Ruth of Gled Hill.


    (*) currently sitting on my sofa drinking gin and reading a big book about classical Greek homosexuality, while giggling a lot.

  12. scv says:

    That almost offsets the Times front page spread on Anglican unity with Rome.

    Brill. Way to go, Ruth!

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