I didn’t do this. And I am opposed to self-linking. But it’s very funny. See what the FWB has made!

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6 Responses to Publicity

  1. scv says:

    Wonderful. And you probably had no idea it was going on til she delivered the final cut.

  2. Mrs Tilton says:

    Pardon the OT but dammit, Andrew, you do make your email address hard to find (had it, lost it). You’re not by any chance in London and unspoken for Friday evening, are you?

  3. acb says:

    I have written to you, at both the addresses I have.

  4. acb says:

    SCV: no. None whatsoever. Post A-level high spirits.

  5. chris y says:

    It’s down, whatever it was. The takedown signoff is even more tantalising than your post. What was it?

  6. acb says:

    It was a site that did fake Star Wars credits — you know, the words scrolling off into the distance getting flatter and smaller and more and more pixellated against a starfield. The FWB did a surreal blurb for the book “An essential reference to socialism and trout fishing” and wove in several paragraphs of the real blurb. The effect was remarkable.

    I remember that someone once wrote a telnet program that worked in the same way.

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