Six weeks ago I lost the charger for a motorola mobile phone. I know exactly where it is: plugged into a wall at the hotel Zlatorog in Bohinj. What puzzles me is that I can get a replacement phone for less than a replacement charger.

It took a lot of research to discover this. First I bought a charger in Frankfurt for €15, which worked perfectly well for a week. Then I bought a little USB cable charger from Dixons for

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  1. Jean-Didier BARDY says:


    Sorry for that abrupt question, but I am looking for the e-mail address of Hotel Zlatorog in Bohinj. I would be grateful to anybody who could give me that information.

  2. andrewb says:

    well, if you, um, click on the link in that entry, that says Zlatorog, I think you’ll find what you want.

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