Correct Form

Too late, alas, to write to the Empereor Jean Bedel Bokassa, but now I know how I _should_ have signed off my letter, thanks to the Amnesty International guide to composing letters in French.

bq.. Pour les souverains, la formule d’appel est _Sire_

[Blurb here: Mindful of the grand democratic traditions of your empire, and its global reputation for the preservation and honour of human rights, don’t you think that eating people is wrong?]

_Je prie Votre Majesté d’agréer l’assurance de mon profond respect_

p. It reminds one what a historical aberration it is to regard our rulers as people much like us.

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  1. qB says:

    I went to his palace once. The one in the south west where he killed people and kept them in the fridge. And allegedly ate them. Luckily he was dead himself so I didn’t have to formulate a greeting, or blurb. Very very strange place. Very.

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