sex in space

The FWB has circumvented a pet ban by buying an aquarium, and is now researching which fish she should stock it with.

Google led her to the Japanese ricefish, or Medaka, “the only species of vertebrate”: attested to have had sex in space.

It wasn’t easy for the Medaka. It took them “hours.(8mb quicktime of piscine teenage fumbling)”: Many candidates reacted to the strains of zero gravity by looping the loop compulsively. But in the end, four heroic ricefish were sent up on _Columbia_ in 1994, and several hundred of them came down.

I find it shocking that these creatures beat “my beloved worm”: into space. But they have one more thing in common with _c.elegans:_ there are lab stocks marked in interesting ways with [“GFP.”:] All we have to do now is to get hold of some.

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6 Responses to sex in space

  1. Hewitt says:

    If you ejaculate in a weightless environment, don’t you risk blasting yourself backwards? I’ll bet you’d be just as cautious as those medaka if you had to do it up there.


  2. acb says:

    Ah, the mighty Hewitt bollocks.

    Lesser beings are unlikely to notice the reaction that you fear. It is a matter of comparative mass.

  3. Rupert says:

    May I recommend a sober, thoughtful and — in my view — conclusive study of a related tricky subject, “Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex”? (Gratuitous trout reference: included)

    Curiously – or not – the subject of sex in space was a staple of New Wave SF, itself a product of scientific and cultural mutations cross-breeding in the 1960s and 70s. I can remember discourses on the Nasa Sutra, The First Wank In Space, seminal trajectories, and spaceships powered by orgone and thus only able to enter hyperspace when the crew simultaneously orgasmed (Star Trek would have been oh so much better) – and that’s before naughty people like Michael Moorcock (even the name…) really went to town on zero-G gonad fun.

    It is, however, irresistably cool to have a collection of the first animals known to have copulated in orbit and I salute the FWB.


  4. Hewitt says:

    >>Lesser beings are unlikely to notice the reaction that you fear. It is a matter of comparative mass.

  5. Hundred of thousands of flat-dwellers with anti-pet landlords can’t be wrong. What is FWB? Fort Walton Beach? Ech. I hate TLAs!

  6. el Patron says:

    FW – sorry – the Future Wolf Biologist, my fourteen-year-old daughter.

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