Growing frantic

This is odd: for silly reasons, nothing must pass my lips but water until 11.30 today, and, while hunger without exercise is largely a matter of routine, and I don’t miss breakfast at all, the lack of caffeine is gnawing holes in me. By now — 11 am – I would normally have had one mug of coffee and a couple of mugs of tea. I was all right, just a little sluggish, when I woke up, but I am finding myself less and less able to concentrate, and more and more irritable as the morning wears on. Curiously, the effect is as if I were stimulated, not sedated. Perhaps the body learns to overcompensate for the effects of caffeine, and without them does not sedate itself?

Since I have to spend the afternoon in a recording studio, being malleable towards the control room while projecting authority to the outside world, I had better not continue this experiment. You wouldn’t want next week’s _analysis_ to be interrupted by hoarse screams.

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