time and motion

OK. I got back from Lucca at half past midnight this morning, and spent about two minutes sorting the paper post. There were two magazines I needed at least to skim, a letter from the Archbishop of Canterbury to which no reply seemed possible, and nothing else that needed action or attention.

At about nine o’clock this morning, I sat down to catch up with the normal load of reading and organising that I have missed for the last four days. The only things I knew I had to do were to write a thank you note and a couple of of blog postings. This wasn’t one of them. By the time I had finished sorting through the papers, the blogs, and the emails I usually read, it was 3.30 pm. This wasn’t entirely wasted time, I suppose. Three of the things I read, at least, needed action or lent themselves to work in progress. But that is about one potential article or bloggy joke every two hours, which seems to me a pretty low harvesting rate for ephemera. And I still haven’t written that thank you note, or posted the pictures of the Sphinx’s mysterious tits.

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