What we were told (July 2002)

A weekly series chronicling what was in the warhard papers a year ago: in the first week of July, the Telegraph had no opinion pieces mentioning Iraq. But it did announce our role in the war.

Tony Blair and George Bush are known to have discussed in detail how Iraq should be governed once Saddam’s Ba’ath regime has been toppled. The preferred option is to allow the Iraqi people to decide for themselves in a referendum.

The British and US governments are concerned that any attack would meet with international opposition. The Telegraph, however, understands that Britain has “ample classified evidence” that proves Saddam has manufactured and stockpiled weapons of mass destruction.

An MoD official said: “Justifying any attack would not be a problem because the evidence exists that he has weapons of mass destruction. It will not be made public yet because it would compromise the means by which it was acquired.”

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