A proof that Californians hustle too much

Sometimes I think that the only two places I want to live in the world are Lapland and San Francisco. Then I remember Vienna. The odd thing about Vienna and San Francisco is that they both have excellent wine and excellent coffee, but neither the wines nor the coffees resemble the other city’s excellences in the least. These notes bubles up after seeing “Quinn’s no blogging”:http://www.ambiguous.org/archive.php3/2006/05/14#quinn2006514.1 sign. This would make no sense in Vienna, where everyone writes while waiting “in coffee houses,”:http://www.flickr.com/photos/seatrout/129372189/ and has done so since before typewriters — but no one queues for coffee standing up. Proof, I think, that Californians are too energetic to be truly civilised.

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