Potato Wars!

I know it’s serious, and very painful, but you can’t help laughing when you read that

“In Bavaria, a 55-year-old woman suffered severe injuries when a potato smashed into her thigh as she walked near woodland with her dog”

It turns out that German Youth have been struck by a craze for “Kartoffelkanone”. “A spokesman for the police in Brandenburg said ‘Woodland on Sundays echoes to the thump-thump of these guns. It is a growing social problem that needs to be tackled’. ”

But the real story is how Google flattens the world. A quick poke around showed that the main German website on the subject has gone down: all that’s left is a note in Google’s cache saying “I know it’s illegal”.
But then I discovered a Danish Article about Canadian potato farmers shooting each other all summer long with the things; a portrait in a British lad-mag of an American Rambo, preparing to launch his Potatoes of Mass Destruction; and even some clean-cut Californian boys, posing around their cannon. If you scroll a bit further down there, you’ll see that they ahve a miniaturised version as well.
Yet only the Germans seem to go into the woods and shoot at passing dog-walkers. Or are they the only nation which would pass special laws to ban the pastime? We”ll find out when the craze spreads here.

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