I sort of knew the Nielsen Haydens from the Well, so I drifted over quite naturally to their blogs when I discovered them. A real delight. Earlier this week, Patrick got tired of one contributor, so he banned him. The guy kept coming back from different IPs, so Patrick finally shut down all comments. So Mr Shropshire went over to Teresa’s blog to whinge. After about half a dozen long posts, she disemvowelled him.

As in:

“Jst cpl f qck pnts. jst wntd t shw tht cnsrshp, vn ttmptd cnsrshp, s slly n th ntrnt.”
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3 Responses to Editing

  1. Rupert says:

    That’s consonant with her approach…


  2. Just for the record, and I think this is the important part although I found the disemvoweling humorous (although that too is a kind of censorship and not something that people on the winning end of arguments actually do…I never have..)I have offered to stop posting for a year if he does return his comments section, which sounds reasonable to me. You should let your readers know this and you should also read my undisemvoweled responses here:



    Philip Shropshire

  3. Andrew says:

    It turns out that tnh took less drastic countermeasures than some.

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