Martial art

Et delator es et calumniator
et fraudator es et negotiator
et fellator es et lanista. Miror
quare non habeas, Vacerra, nummos

I came across this in a disintegrating copy of Martial’s epigrams, translated by James Michie, who makes it out to be:

You’re an informer and a tool of slander
And a notorious swindler and a pander
And a cock-sucker and a gangster and a ….
I can’t make out, Vacerra, why you’re poor

I suppose the rap version would be something like

You’re a backstabbing snitch
pimp son of a bitch
a cocksucking gangsta
So why ain’t you rich?

But the charming thing was learning that the original meaning of “negotiator” was “pimp”. Perhaps they read Martial in the White House.

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