A better cold cure

The one thing about all cold cures is that they don’t work. Apart from stuff which generally stimulates your immune system, there is nothing to do but wait it out as comfortably as possible. With this in mind, I spent five and a half hours in a darkened office yesterday, along with the FWB, sipping tea, or hot lemon and honey, while watching back to back episodes of _The Wire,_ season one. It’s the first time in my life I have approached a television series as if it were a book — where five hours’ reading would be perfectly normal. It was wonderful. Elsewhere in the house, on Sunday evenings, the FWB has been watching a Victorian costume drama with her mother. This naturally led to thoughts of crossover. _Lark Rise to Baltimore,_ anyone?

Come to think of it, such a series might form the basis of a real cold cure since it would expel all the snot from your head when your brain exploded.

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