* John Naughton, “sharpening the contradictions”: of capitalism. Part of a really cruel set of Cambridge revelry. This one makes me look hungrily for the nearest lamppost.
* A “very kind notice”: of an actress on Language Log: %(sane) Listen closely to Ward pronouncing just the “fir him or ‘gin him” quotation. It’s a delightfully odd and entertaining mixture of Lalla’s own British dialect and what she imagines Southern American English to sound like.%
* The “smell of urine”: from dominant male mice provokes neurogenesis in females. Does this work in humans? Do the smells of the urine low-status males cause brain damage? Because in that case, walking up the stairs in the “Lion Yard car park”: must take 20 points off your IQ.
* Do I dare “install a split image focussing screen”: in my camera?
* A quick peek around the _Washington Post’s_ Faith site suggests that the _Guardian’s_ readers are pretty well-educated and moderate by comparison. This is rather depressing.
* For all my sneering at Wikipedia — and I intend to continue — I have to say that it had a much more detailed article on the human hippocampus than Britannica has managed.

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3 Responses to Shorts

  1. Andrew: If you want to see something interesting, look at the comments on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution ( site when a religious issue is exercising people.

  2. acb says:

    Fragano, thanks.

    Is it totally futile of me to suppose that there might somewhere be a place on the wb where the discussion of religion rose to the standard you might expect in a decent bar?

  3. A lot of that is that people become very defensive about religious beliefs. I’m constantly amazed by it.

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