Small moment of pleasure

Yesterday my colleague David Shariatmadari was commissioning a comment from Richard Dawkins. “I’m so glad you’re not the notorious Andrew Brown” said RD and added, eagerly, “Has he been fired?” No: sorry to disappoint you, Richard.

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  1. Hitchcock. Notorious. 1946:

    Alicia: Well, you never believed in me anyways. So what’s the difference?
    Devlin: It’s lucky for both of us that I didn’t. It wouldn’t have been pretty if I’d believed in you…
    Alicia: If you only once had said that you loved me. Oh, Dev.
    Devlin: Listen, you’ve chalked up another boyfriend, that’s all. No harm done.
    Alicia: I hate you.
    Devlin: There’s no occasion to, you’re doing good work.

  2. acb says:

    Inspired by this, I ran my Dawkins counter script again.

    This morning

    There are 40 mentions of ‘Richard Dawkins’ on the RDSR home page
    compared to 21 mentions of ‘science’ and 19 of ‘reason’;
    There are 4028 words on the whole page.

  3. Rupert says:

    Yo! Bros! Lissen up, lissen up, I’m da notorious B
    I bring da hataz to their knees
    Prayin’ for da sweet release
    Da Pope confess
    Vatican’s a mess
    Ya may be weirdy
    Or just a beardy
    Pork-dodger, Dawk-rogerer, thought-codger, objection-lodger
    I don’ care, you’ll get my stare, I say what’s fair, I say what’s there
    Pixel or dead-tree, you get me, cos I be what I be
    Da notorious B

  4. g says:

    > There are 40 mentions of Richard Dawkins on the RDSR home page

    On account of how articles there are attributed to their authors and sources, and many of them are by Richard Dawkins or from Truly, a sign of appalling egotism.

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