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The FWB is currently doing a Latin A level with an imaginative teacher, who has her pupil[1] doing Latin Scrabble. Googling for a tile set led me to the “University of Toronto,”: and from there to “Liberation Philology,”: a small Canadian firm which offers learning aids in

* Catalan
* Dutch
* French
* Wulfilan Gothic
* Irish
* Latin
* Old English
* Old Occitan (Medieval Provencal)
* Pali Nouns (transliterated)

amongst others, and vocabulary tests in Finnish, Swedish, Latin, Quechua and so forth.

“Another Canadian firm”: offers a very comprehensive French grammar checker and dictionary suite which works with OOo. My French is sufficiently awful that I would use this if I had to write any significant amount of correspondence in that language. Yet I feel that it would diminish my chances of learning from my mistakes. Question: is the shame, and the emotional charge of classroom learning important in increasing its efficiency? This might be easier to research if any shame whatsoever attached, in English schools, to vile mispronunciation of foreign words.

fn1. Not a misprint

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