Penis envy

I bumped into my old friend Brian Harris outside the butcher’s, and he had a brand new Nikon D700 with which he had just spent four days shooting behind the scenes at the National Theatre for the Economist’s Intelligent Life magazine. He was completely in love with it, because the full-frame sensor meant that he could shoot in very low light with no noise at all, even in the shadows. What’s more, he can now re-use all his old film Nikon lenses at their proper focal lengths. In consequence, he’s selling off two D200s and almost all their lenses, and going back — often — to doing things manually.

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2 Responses to Penis envy

  1. scv says:

    So he will be able to get away without using flash, still.
    I think Nikon made the right choice here. canon simply used the full frame to pack in more pixels, but Nikon didn’t, just made the pixels bigger and therefore more susceptible to low light.

    I’m waiting for D700: the next generation, and only buying full frame lenses.

    I can see why Brian loves it though, it’s right up his street.

    It’s a pity for him that the Leica M8 digital is not such the scene-stealer as we had hoped.

  2. Jim says:

    I’d love a D700, as I have a bag full of full frame prime lenses just waiting. only one thing stopping me . $$$ 🙂

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