w00t, as we educated types say: w00t!

I take back everything I have ever said about the dumbing down of British education. It is clear that this year’s GCSEs are exceptionally rigorous and discerning exams after the FWB got one B (Textiles), two As (maths and Art), and all the rest A*. She also had a letter telling her that she had scored one of the top five marks awarded to anyone in her English literature GCSE. That’s the one which was taken this year by 362,438 pupils.

Oh yes – she also got an A for the history AS level, taken a year early.
</Mary Ann Sieghart>

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3 Responses to w00t, as we educated types say: w00t!

  1. d00d! pwned!

    Trebles all round!

  2. Rupert says:

    Five in 362,438? Curiously, that’s EXACTLY the chances of getting your leg blown off by an exploding Dell laptop battery pack. Coincidence? I fear not.

    Nevertheless: heartfelt congrats, and may the rest of the world consider itself duly warned.


  3. llolll says:

    [surplus vowels removed by the management.]

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