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John Naughton follows up this Register story and discovers that Google Maps lists four brothels in Cambridge: the Medical Research Council, BBC Radio Cambridge, one pub and one publisher.

Inspired by this research, I tried checking for brothels in Saffron Walden and discovered that here, too, our closest local brothels are operating in the Medical Research Council building, and BBC Radio Cambridge. Someone in the database has been having fun and this fun will shortly come to an end.

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4 Responses to Local services

  1. Robert Nowell says:

    How about Barnet Conservative Club?

  2. acb says:

    Apparently, Robert, your nearest is “Pressed for Time” at 137 Barnet High Street, though [“the same search”:http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=brothels+in+barnet&ll=51.524400,-0.190200&spn=0.312500,0.470168&hl=en%5D suggests as backups the Camden New Journal, and the Amnesty International headquarters in Easton Street (whose web site is given as Amnesty.se)

    Actually, following that link makes sudden sense. It goes to a news release from Amnesty which mentions a couple who are to be flogged for running a brothel in Teheran.

  3. In fact the BBC Radio Cambridgeshire premises at 104 Hills Road (known more interestingly as Betjeman House) are shared with my former employer, now known as LogicaCMG. Although I never worked there, I did visit from time to time :-), and I can confirm that the car park is always completely full.

    Naturally here in St Albans we have no listings, but are indeed referred to the Barnet Conservative Club, as a more attractive alternative than somewhere in Luton or in Elstree.

  4. Robert Nowell says:

    Yes: as Simon noticed, the Barnet Conservative Club is to be found under St Albans, but it sounded classier than the High Street dry cleaners you are offered by tapping in Barnet (along with Amnesty International and other blameless institutions).

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