An end to comment horror

As an experiment, I have tried to change the whole site to run under cgiwrap, whcih is meant to work better on Pair. We shall see if it does. The theory is that all those 500 errors, and the intermittent refusal to format entries with the Textile processors, were caused by Pair’s configuraiton, which throttles blogs with many visitors unless you try some unlikely magic which I have just attempted.

At present I am running at about 750 unique visitors a day, plus the feed readers, and that seems to be enough to cause problems.

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2 Responses to An end to comment horror

  1. acb says:

    for what it’s worth, and if anyone else has these problems, I just moved everything that had been in the MT subdirectory into the cgi-bin, moved the static files back out, and then added a couple of lines to the .htaccess file

    bq. RewriteEngine On
    RewriteRule ^mt/(.+).cgi$ cgi-sys/cgiwrap/yourusername/$1.cgi

    which I had found on someone else’s blog. So far so good, as the man said when he passed the second floor.

  2. I did something similar recently (also pair) for WordPress, to keep from having to open up various directories. WP being php, I’m using php4.cgi, per a pair support note. Seems to work OK.

    The RSS link for this article, though, is

    …which gives me a page with exactly the content:

    No input file specified.

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