the justified geek

Sometimes, all that fiddling with computers at home pays off extravagantly. My copy for this week’s wormseye got lost over the weekend. I am in New York; the house is deserted; I didn’t have a version on the laptop (because the synchronisation of Windows folders is guaranteed to break when you really need it).

But I do have on the linux box at home automatic backups taken every couple of hours of everything on my real machine. And I can SSH into that from the trusted address of the account, even though the backup directories are not visible to any normal we or ftp server. So, to get the backup copy into the guardian, what I had to do was

new york hotel -> SSH -> -> SSH -> Saffron Walden
my spare room -> FTP upload ->

and then on another connection log into darwinwars from here, download the file, open it, copy the text, and email it to Ros Taylor. What I am really proud of is that I did all the hard bits with command lines and _without any coffee at all._ And that I had had the foresight to fix things up so that this could be done in an emergency, even thoguh I had not thought through the details.

Now I have to do what I came here for. But I’ve had coffee. I don’t care.

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