Slashdot readers

A selection of “slashdot”: readers’ part-time jobs:

bq.. Throughout my years as a Unix admin, I have been a working blacksmith and woodworker in exotic woods. Recently I have branched into selling BDSM gear and sex toys, but that’s beside the point.

I preach for money. (many churches look to seminary students or former seminary student to do fill in preaching – they call it pulpit supply – when a pastor is on vacation) I’ve been tempted to put together a business card with that side job on it, “Serving God and mammon since 1997.” Also, I work in a children’s home. The overnight shift at the home allows me to work online during downtime. And then sometimes I do the freelance gig too. Who doesn’t?

By day I work for IBM as an engineer. By night, I’m an investigator for my wife’s private investigations company [] . I get to help spy on cheating wives and husbands, catch people in insurance fraud and other such things. Probably the part I enjoy the most is when I get to make use of new electronic tools like covert GPS tracking devices etc… What I dislike are the long nights surveiling some cheating spouse or watching someone to see if they are poor parents in custody cases. Of course I also take care of the company computers (mostly Macs believe it or not).

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