It can’t hurt more

I see that John Kerry has drifted out again to 5/4 on “Victor Chandler;”: although I haven’t bet on anything since the 2001 Grand National, I bunged on

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4 Responses to It can’t hurt more

  1. H. E. Baber says:

    Andrew, if you were a rational self-interested chooser you’d bet on Bush. If he wins, you get the money as a consolation prize; if he loses, hell, who cares about the money.

    I’m calling the election right now (6:53 PST) for Bush. And I guarantee you that I’m more miserable than you can possibly be at the prospect of 4 more years of this crap because I HAVE TO LIVE HERE. So, if you’ve got your ears on, I’ll bet you $100 that Bush wins. If you’re really a gambling man, I’ll bet you $500.

  2. Rupert says:

    Well, HEB, you called that one right. When you can persuade the peasants to vote for feudalism, you’ve got it made.

    Whatever happened to progress?


  3. Marek says:

    Oh well, I thought to myself this morning, at least I haven’t lost

  4. acb says:

    I bet tentatively suggest you still have a sensation of great swell in the escrotal stock exchange.

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