West coast fried braincells

Not to warm up any deadhead jokes — though we still don’t know how many copies of the the Eleven Mrs I-am-not-a-Deadhead Tilton has — but there is enormous fun to be had here where the vaults of the Bill Graam Organisation are spilling out as mp3 streams.

Here is the playlist for the last half hour or so:

Taj Mahal, Elvin Bishop, Boz Scaggs
Jam Session: We Gonna Rock
06/30/1971 Fillmore West

Tower of Power
Down to the Nightclub (Bump City)
03/23/1975 Kezar Stadium

Elton John
Country Comfort
11/12/1970 Fillmore West

Elvis Costello
Radio, Radio
06/07/1978 Winterland

Jefferson Airplane
White Rabbit
02/04/1967 Fillmore Auditorium

Bob Dylan and The Band
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
01/30/1974 Madison Square Garden

Sunshine of Your Love
10/04/1968 Oakland Coliseum Arena

It’s all a bit more raucous than my normal morning listening, but there’s nothing wrong with stuff that makes you want to jump around the room flapping like an excited dodo. This bulletin on Imminent extinction brought to you via Crooked Timber. The really humiliating game is to see how many of the songs I can recognise without peeking at the playlist.

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  1. qB says:

    I suspect it’s all becoming fashionable again. I had to venture into a large emporium of popular music to purchase a small token for my young son whose birthday approached apace. He wanted something to do with Eminem, which I had been under the erroneous impression was a form of American multicoloured confectionary. As I struggled through the heaving crowds of young people I was astonished to realise that the ear-drum-rupturingly loud sound was in fact “Sunshine of Your Love” by Cream. Goodness me.

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