Been all around the world.

I was wandering around net and found this map of Swedish bloggers. Clicking on the smallest red pimple in the heart of nowhere I was whisked to Sorsele (see photo above) where the first snow has just fallen. However, the blogger reporting this seems to be writing from Luxembourg. All very confusing.

I note from the curious map I signed up (look down the right-hand column) that I appear to have a reader on the west coast of Hudson’s Bay. America is quite well spotted: there are a couple in Peking, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney … none at all in Scandinavia. I’m pretty certain that I recognise Florence. Send our love to the greyhounds.

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3 Responses to Been all around the world.

  1. Jorun says:

    I come from Sorsele but am living in Luxemburg since five years. The map you’re talking about only accepts addresses in Sweden, so I chose to register as a Sorselebo. Your photo from Sorsele is lovely!

    The first snow I mentioned fell in Luxemburg, Sorsele got theirs a little earlier, but still surprisingly late.

  2. David Weman says:

    The map doesn’t seem to recognize me.

  3. acb says:

    Jorun, I’m glad you liked the photo. I had assumed from the mention of sik on your blog that it had been been at least partly written in Sorsele, since I don’t think they are found in Luxembourg.

    David, I suspect that you are the mystery blogger from the western side of Hudson’s Bay, and that the map has got itself all confused.

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