Every six months or so I think that I must get a download from the Grateful Dead music store; it takes about that long to forget how awful the system is. They have a site which doesn’t work with firefox at all, and where the button to download all the tracks you have bought (one easy click on emusic) will only work in IE. Or so they say; it won’t work in IE for me either. So I end up right-clicking on every track in Opera and saving as.

Last time I did this was January the fourth. Halfway through the ineffable frustration of downloading sixteen copies of a file called “bigriver.aspx” which contains no music at all, I fired off an email of complaint to the help desk. Today, February 8, I got a reply, which started with the phrase “You have recently” … stoned inefficiency combined with arrogance and robotic inflexibility. How very 1980s Dead.

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  1. J. says:

    I never had you down as a “Deadhead.” If you are, won’t you have all their music by now, anyway? Or are you like the Patrick Bateman character in “American Psycho” who needs vinyl, CD, and MP3 versions of the same track?


  2. Mrs Tilton says:

    Though I very much like the Dead I am no deadhead; but by my standard Andrew is. (My standard is: a deadhead is somebody who owns more versions of ‘The Eleven’ than I do.)

    What is very odd is that, to judge by his photo on the back of one of his books, Andrew does not look like a deadhead. But then, it is a closely-cropped head shot, so one probably simply can’t see the tie-dyed dashiki and the hands raised in a frantic attempt to ward off that menacing 19-headed purple Gila Monster.

  3. J. says:

    So he’s just going for the head shot these days? I’m surprised. There used to be a picture in circulation in which he was depicted in a sauna, wearing little more than a skimpy towel. It apparently did wonders for the circulation of The Catholic Herald. And, no doubt, for its readers, too.


  4. lj says:

    Brown Blames DHS for Poor Hurricane Katrina Response


  5. acb says:

    I have no idea what that last comment refers to. Though I like very much the Mrs Tilton measurement of a real deadhead I suspect that I can’t really qualify, since I have only 9 versions of the Eleven on this hard disk; and I think you need at least eleven, and possibly 121 to qualify as a completely lost soul.

  6. acb says:

    Oh, and, Hewitt, you should change your mugshot if you want to appear pseudonymously.

  7. J. says:

    But my looks have improved enormously since my PCW days, how could you possibly tell?

  8. J. says:

    And that 500 error is occurring more and more on this weblog. Sometimes the comment is posted, more often than not it isn’t.

  9. acb says:

    As far as I know, it is always posted. But I’ll delete one of your double posts.

  10. J. says:

    Not always. A couple of mine have simply disappeared into the ether. Probably just as well, though.

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