I have [“a sort of review”:] of John “Battelle’s Google book”: up at “the First Post,”: which is an interesting shot at a commercial site run by two real journalists (and old colleagues) Mark Law and David Jenkins.

I’ve also been ill: ear infections. I mean to take it easy for the next few days, and very probably there won’t be a wormseye next week.

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  1. Oliver Morton says:

    Delighted it seems not too terrible — take all the care that seems appropriate, and then a smidgen more. Ever, o

  2. At they list your first book as _The Darwin Awards_.

  3. rupert says:

    I’ve confused medics with something like in the past, once or twice. If it’s any consolation I’m still here. Pretty scary at the time, for all concerned.

    Lack of sleep and stress and smoking seemed to make it happen. Trout fishing and good music may help, in your case…


  4. acb says:

    MS: not any longer they don’t — this was the result of a fairly obvious mishearing on the phone. My wife was trying to supply a biography while her mind was on other things.

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