Search engine spamming wars?

This is really strange: this morning I had six messages from MT blacklist in my inbox reporting suspected new comment spam. It was certainly spam: six comments all saying

i come from <A Href=””>best search engine</A>

and all apparently from The question is, who might have sent these. Obviously not Google, since it is neither evil nor stupid, and this spam will irritate anyone who gets it without boosting Google’s coverage. But just as obviously not Yahoo, which is not evil nor stupid either, though it makes less fuss about not being evil. And, if I let MT-blacklist do its thing, the whole Dutch branch of yahoo will be autmatically added to the blacklist of domains forbidden to leave comments on any MT blog anywhere that uses this plugin. So, by script-kiddie logic, it has to be Microsoft, the owners of the search engine that nobody uses as well as the most completely evil organisation that the world has ever seen.1

But I’m not a script kiddy. I can’t believe any corporation would be so stupid. So it has to be some prankster with an ingenious sense of humour who is trying to make trouble for everyone. The only question is, how widespread this wave of spam will be. Because it is a technique which could be generalised to put all your enemies oon te MT / typepad comment blacklists.

1 Including the mafia, the Chinese People’s Communist party, the KGB, etc etc. Don’t you know anything about computers?

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2 Responses to Search engine spamming wars?

  1. Codepope says:

    At a guess, that’s a probe bot looking for sites which they can comment spam by firing off an “innocuous” comment.

  2. acb says:

    Ah. So they come back this morning and see if the comments are still there, and, if so, launch a barrage of o*l*n* o*e ads?


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