my age is showing

Into town tonight, to see “Patti Smith and Television.”: It will be the third time I have seen her. The first time, in Gothenburg in about 1978, she was the sexiest woman I have ever seen. I could hardly sit down the whole of the next day. I can’t remember the music. I can’t remember what she did or looked like. What made the impression was the rush of pure dionysiac energy from the stage. St Augustine would have damped her down with holy water, but I swear the water would have boiled away.

In November 2001 she was doing an anti-war show in Boston, which was largely acoustic and full of worthy speeches. I learned that evening that the American peace movement didn’t stand a chance. I didn’t stay till the end.

At least tonight will be electric one way and, with luck, the other. I’m surprised that there are still tickets available.

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