Death to veggies (1)

When is this less than reassuring?

* %(loony) No Harmful chemicals.%
* %(loony)Has not been tested on animals.%

When you find these essertions on a bottle of “organic anti-nit goo.”: I know perfectly well that it’s not going to work; but it is a little worrying to see this so clearly proclaimed on the packaging. The active ingredient, by the way, is vinegar.

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3 Responses to Death to veggies (1)

  1. Joe says:

    I didn’t think you had enough hair that nits would be a problem, anyway. Just leave them – they’ll soon die of boredeom.


  2. qB says:

    Well you could be organic and veggie and, apparently, successful by using mayonnaise:

    Non-medicated treatments

  3. el Patron says:

    They’re not my nits, thank you. They were a gift to the FBW from her best friend’s younger sister. They have shown a marked reluctance to die of anything. Traditonally, people used kerosene, but that seems to have gone out of fashion.

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