I just want to record that in Waitrose this afternoon I saw a roll of _embossed_ bog roll: sorry “Bloomsbury & tate luxury bathroom tissue enriched with aloe vera” A snip at £1.89.

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  1. Beck Laxton says:

    I thought *someone* ought to post a comment to this one, and it offers me the opportunity to post one of my favourite pieces of comic writing. Unfortunately I can’t find the page any more, so will have to post the text – it came (of course) from the Onion (er, and looking through, it *does* have a lot of rude words in – I hope nothing blows up):

    This New Toilet Paper Is So Soft and Absorbent!
    By Ted Roman
    Amazed Customer

    You probably won’t believe me when I tell you that new Cushy

  2. el Patron says:

    To this I have one word — Bronco! With Bronco behind us, how can we fear the enemy in front?

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