Bloody builders due again

So more random social notes.

  • Newspapers scouring the country for a woman who’ll admit to sleeping with Simon Hughes. Probably gone into hiding alongside Anne Atkins’ gay friends.
  • To the Telegraph’s Scientists meet the media bash last night, dressed for the occasion in a suit and tie. Meet on the stairs a contributor to this comment section who is with a pretty young woman who looks thoughtful and amused, rather than enraptured, to be in the company of two such distinguished old farts. Our conversation goes something like this:
    Commentator: “Ah – Andrew. Loved the Caitlin piece.”
    Pretty Young Woman: “What was that about?”
    C: “Blow jobs!”
    Discussion becomes general and rather confused.
    PYW: “And how did you know about it?”
    C: “I read it on his blog.”
    I become aware that I have just been, in effect, introduced to a complete stranger, someone with whom, under other circumstances, I might have enjoyed some conversation, as a man who keeps a blog about blow jobs. No wonder George Carey won’t sign the comments he makes here.
  • Not one person I talked to at the party had a good word for Richard Dawkins’ TV series. The most vigorous denunciations all came from atheist scientists. I was a little surprised, since one of them had been very close to him.
  • Sue Blackmore’s hair has gone quite white — and green, and red, with only a few yellow streaks left.
  • Richard Harries signs his emails “+ Richard”.

At this, the doorbell rings, preserving you all from further excitement.

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One Response to Bloody builders due again

  1. rupertg says:

    A conversation, last week:

    Person X: “I’m a bit worried about Andrew Brown”
    Rupert: “Why?”
    X:”He seems obsessed with blowjobs…”
    X:”…and teenage girls. He’s too smart to fall for that moral panic nonsense. What’s going on?”
    R:”Well, uh, you know, men of a certain age, um, lost youth, er, couldn’t claim complete disinterest myself, erm, nothing human is alien to me as that Greek chap said, ehm, daughter, big wide world, perfectly reasonable concerns, ah…”
    X:”But you don’t write about it at length, repeatedly, on your blog”
    R:”I don’t have a blog”
    X:”You may want to keep it that way”

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