Mother love

Last year “a pretty Australian girl”: was caught with four kilos of cannabis in her luggage entering Bali and sentenced to 20 years. Cue general Australian outrage, protestations of innocence, and so forth. So this afternoon I was looking for a story about “molluscs duelling with their penises”:–fleshsucking-sex-fiends/2006/01/20/1137734154394.html in the _Sydney Morning Herald_ and I came across [“an interview”:] with the girl’s mother:

bq. Asked about three of her six children serving time in prison, Ms Rose said: “What are you supposed to do? At least I know where my bloody kids are, even if they are in jail.
“There’s people who don’t even know where their kids are.
“I kind of liked Clinton being in jail because I knew where he was … before I’d worry about him, always expecting the phone call – he’d pinched a car and rolled off a cliff.
“But when he’d ring from jail, I’d be thinking, ‘all right, hope you get a couple of years there’.”

Refreshingly plain speaking, eh, what?

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  1. Ben says:

    cockfighting? blimey!

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