But how to sign oneself?

Well, here you are, retired person still full of energy, and you discover this blog racket, full of young people talking informally. So, how do you sign yourself when you “leave a comment?”:http://timescolumns.typepad.com/gledhill/2006/01/properties_of_a.html Scroll to the bottom to find out.

Any Episcopal personages who want to comment here, perhaps on Christian sex toys, should feel completely free to do so.

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2 Responses to But how to sign oneself?

  1. It’s very cute, your antipathy for the ex-ABoC, but that Murdochbladet columnblog — the first and very possibly last to cross my path — seemed slightly short of informal speech and Interweb-style “screen names”.

  2. acb says:

    Oh yes; and what he and was actually perfectly sensible and it will carry weight that he said it. But I have known archbishops who thought their titles a joke.

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