This one is specially to make American readers feel better today — provided they are in the USA, that is: I was out walking today and noticed that the price of petrol has risen to £1.04 a litre, which is roughly $7.77 per US gallon. I suppose you’ll all have riots before then. In fact it will probably be taken as the end of the world when it rises to $6.66.

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  1. Matthew says:

    Closer to $8.12, with today’s exchange rate.

    £1.04/l = £3.94/g
    £3.94 * 2.062 = $8.12

  2. Here in Georgia it’s currently flirting with $3.00 a gallon (except inside the city of Atlanta properly where it’s over that number). This is considered by many to be the end of the world.

  3. Rupert says:

    This’ll be that stormy petrol, then…

    O’er the Deep! O’er the Deep!
    Where the whale, and the shark, and the sword-fish sleep,
    Outflying the blast and the driving rain,
    The Petrol telleth her tale—in vain;
    For the mariner curseth the warning bird
    Who bringeth him news of the storms unheard!
    Ah! thus does the prophet, of good or ill,
    Meet hate from the creatures he serveth still:
    Yet he ne’er falters:—So, Petroll! spring
    Once more o’er the waves on thy stormy wing!

    (That’s the spirit…)


  4. acb says:

    Stormey petrol obviously the most refined stuff to pour on troubled waters

  5. H. E. Baber says:

    $3.29 for regular at the cheapest places in San Diego. I do wish you hadn’t converted that pounds per liters figure into dollars per gallon. We sometimes drive in the UK. I weigh myself too, wish I’d never figured out stone and don’t want to know about kilograms.

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