Cartoons, stupidity, cleverness

* I think the third frame in “this”: _Doonesbury_ packs a lot into one picture.
* Whereas xkcd, “here,”: doesn’t even need speech.
* And, on geekery, “I want this”: for Christmas.
* Still geeking: you could not improve [“this definition”:] of “open”, or indeed, “anyone”.
* On stupidity: Andrew Leonard “quotes”: an MIT report. %(sane) “Today’s on-line discussion forums, blogs, and chat rooms do a good job of encouraging lots of people to express their opinions and share them widely. But these systems are not very good at supporting evidence-based, logical deliberation: the quality of contributions can vary enormously.%
and adds
%(loony)Which is kind of like saying nuclear bombs do a good job when employed for purposes of mass destruction, but are not so great for handcrafting quality woodwork%
* Clever people: David Chalmers “has tarted up”: his already excellent consciousness bibliography.
* Perhaps you would prefer [“biology”:]? Lots of good searchable texts there.

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1 Response to Cartoons, stupidity, cleverness

  1. Monsignor Quixote says:

    >Finally you can get the attention you deserve
    > as others bow to you as their reverential wi-fi god,
    > while geeky chicks swoon at your presence.

    So how’s that different from when Andrew Brown – Journalist walks down to Waitrose?

    It could be worse I suppose; you could start puling Church Ladies.

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