Briefly Noted

* I finally got the London Library’s electronic access to scholarly journals working. Still no JSTOR, but lots of goodies anyway, among them an article from the _Journal of the American Academy of Religion_ arguing that the “Prosperity Gospel” movement, known as “Blab it and Grab it” to the outside world, which is one of the more prosperous and visible bits of Bible Belt sub-culture — Benny Hinn, etc — derives its distinctive teachings from a blend of Mormonism and the Nation of Islam. Again, no time yet to do more that skim, but a great story if true.
* Mary Gauthier excellent last night. She seems to have stopped trying to be a Nashville singer, and in fact had a very funny story about how songs are written there. In her case this decision also takes account of the weakness of her voice, which is limited in range and accuracy. On the other hand, it is, when it hits the target, devastating. Very moving solo acoustic versions of “Goddam HIV” and “Mercy Now”. We bought the new CD but have not listened yet.

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