Quick Notes

* Getcha getcha kulcha here …
“Torrent links”:http://bergmanbits.com/film/ to every one of Bergman’s films. Found through “the blog of a leader writer”:http://gudmundson.blogspot.com/ on SvD: it’s hard to imagine any British paper’s leader writer doing that, or, indeed, any British cabinet minister setting up a facebook page, as Carl Bildt apparently has. No, I haven’t friended him.

* am reviewing Peter Conrad’s _Creation_ for the Graun. It is like walking across a very large desert paved with mah-johng tiles: paragraph after paragraph, all about the same length, all written in clear and sometimes admirable English; none of them actually going anywhere. Every — Tenth? Fiftieth? — there is a phrase to spark thought. Then the trudgery resumes. There isn’t between the paragraphs a sort of aphoristic gap as in John Gray; just a small blank discontinuity.

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  1. Mark Gould says:

    Thank you for these links, Andrew. I now have a copy of “Trollflöjten”:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0073822/, which is otherwise unavailable in the UK.

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