Orotund and rotund too

In case you have wondered what the masterminds behind Bush’s surge actually look like in the flesh, the excellent “Belgravia Dispatch”:http://www.belgraviadispatch.com/2007/01/arent_they_cute_and_funny.html has “a link to the video”:http://www.youtube.com/v/qjAvgCbPLvs of one of them orating. How Kipling would have despised them, and despaired! Who would have thought “the road to being one”:http://www.web-books.com/Classics/Poetry/Anthology/Kipling/Recessional.htm with Niniveh and Tyre went through those cities?

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  1. Sedulia says:

    I came across that poem yesterday, but missed the Nineveh and Tyre part. Brilliant.

    Appointment in Samarra comes to mind as well.

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