Sunday Sillies

  • Is that the way the girls are in Texas? According the Houston Press, via Wonkette, a Republican woman running for Tom deLay’s old seat had to do so through a write-in campaign. Unfortunate, since her name was the less than memorable “Shelley Sekula-Gibbs”, many voters mis-spelled it and the Fort Bend County election office had to decide which of these was valid. You get a flavour, I think, of Texas politics when you learn that one of the votes counted in her favour was actually spelled “Shelly DraculaCunt Gibs”.
  • The Swedish edition of Wikipaedia claims that there used to be a law forbidding men to be stay alone with cows and goats, lest they be tempted to bestiality, a crime which was until 1864 punishable by death.
  • this reference to an experiment by Scott Eric Kaufman should screw up his results by offering evidence of transmisison backwards in time.
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  1. I’d put down my teacup before reading this. That was fortunate.

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