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Rowan being sensible and thought-provoking

It’s a pity that Rowan Williams made such a fool of himself with the Sharia lecture. He has said some interesting things since then, which no one will take any notice of; some of them are in his lecture on … Continue reading

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A farewell to MT

This is the first post written into the new live wordpress version of the blog. I started getting mysterious errors on the MT installation and it was all just too much. I think I have mostly reproduced the old layout, … Continue reading

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I forgot to mention

the best thing about travelling to Lapland as I will be doing: the dates. I am off on the fifteenth of July and not back until the fifth of August. This means that I will be about two thousand miles … Continue reading Continue reading

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Travel notes

The first time I went to Sorsele, where the picture at the head of this page was taken, I flew to Stockholm, took the night train to Östersund, and then a bus for six hours up the 45. The next … Continue reading Continue reading

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The artist stands ready to serve his community

This picture is a hjortron, or cloudberry. There are many pictures of hjortron on the net, but that is the one which best, I think, illustrates a proposal made by Tord Pettersson, an artist in Gällivare, who thinks the 45 … Continue reading Continue reading

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A fair sex trade mark

I was browsing through the small ads for prostitutes in the local paper when I had an idea that could transform the industry and dispel the unease which might afflict potential customers who think it is something degrading to everyone … Continue reading

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Anglican Anorak post

The Sunday programme asked me to say something about women bishops, so I thought I had better read the report so enthusiastically splashed by the Times on Tuesday. It is, I think, noticeable that nobody bothered to follow up the … Continue reading

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