A farewell to MT

This is the first post written into the new live wordpress version of the blog. I started getting mysterious errors on the MT installation and it was all just too much. I think I have mostly reproduced the old layout, which I liked, on this one. Below the fold, some detailed nerdy notes on all that went wrong. I know there isn’t a flickr sidebar yet. I’m working on that. Comments welcome; first thing we note is that there doesn’t seem to be a below the fold.

Things I know I haven’t done:

  • set up the recent comments
  • add the custom obfuscated javascript on the “write to me” link
  • trim the archives
  • check that the archive hyperlinks have been carried over
  • Make sure the feeds have moved over

Things I should not have had to do:

  • Import the MT archives in 17 different tiny chunks, because WordPress wedged solid on anything longer than about 350k.
  • They do explain that WordPress stores its markup in different (uncommented) files, so that a <div> opened in one PHP file is closed in an entirely different one. They don’t mention that the CSS is also broken up within the default stylesheet, so that changing something the first time you find it in the file may have no effect at all, because that property is redefined in another section 150 lines below.

Anything else broken, let me know.

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