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But this story is entirely true

Survivors of the last Lambeth Conference will remember the positively Burmese quality of press organisation. Apparently it was just as bad from the inside: someone working there asked what arrangements had been made to bring to Canterbury the Cardinal who … Continue reading

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Metafictional diary note

I was drinking last night with the Archbishop of Canterbury and he didn’t have any interesting gadgets in his cassock but later that evening I bumped into Sean who showed me the first worthwhile use of an iPhone: fishporn. He … Continue reading

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Pass the sickbag, baby Jesus

Religion’s all right when it doesn’t deal in sentimentality. But much of the religious comment on the Embryo bill has been just disgusting. I would have voted in favour in favour of lowering the abortion limit myself; I fully accept … Continue reading

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More Weizenbaum

The prescience of Joe Weizenbaum continues. After long detours, I have returned to the end of his book, where he is asking whether the world has any understanding of what computers will do. He saw very clearly how a “system” … Continue reading

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My contribution to Youtube

I didn’t put this here. Still less did I supply the cheesy title. A friend found it and told me. But I’m quite happy it escaped into the wild: it is the grim bit of my last Analysis programme. Listen … Continue reading

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My life is complete

This evening I heard a columnist for the Washington Post explain to a public meeting that “since I came to England, people keep telling me that American journalism is po-faced. I don’t know what po-faced means”

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How computers improve life

or not: an occasional series. This entry comes from lifehacker: Calendar: Track Time Between Haircuts with Google Calendar and Spreadsheet Googler Matt Cutts uses Google Calendar and Google Spreadsheets to keep track of how long he’s gone between haircuts—a good … Continue reading

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Byways of modern scholarship

Looking for references to the Byron quote in the previous post, I came across two unlikely biographical sites on the net: this one seems to have taken the early Wikipedian route of lifting large chunks from out of copyright reference … Continue reading

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Here lies the grave of Castlereagh

Even if Phil Davison’s obit of Robert Vesco in the FT is not up to Byronic standards of brevity and eloquence it is still a fun read: Of all the adjectives used to describe him, Robert Vesco – who has … Continue reading

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This is just silly

It is now possible to measure distances on Google Maps. The trick is fairly well hidden, under “Dig a Hole through the Earth” on the featured content sidebar, but if you find it a bewildering collection of geeky measurements become … Continue reading

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