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The Guardian has a piece today lamenting that there is an elected BNP councillor who has a blog at the Telegraph site. Fair enough; but if the man has been elected and if what he posts is legal it’s hard to see why the paper shouldn’t be associated with fascists, if that’s what it wants to be. And if it doesn’t want to be associated with fascists, it will really have to put some work into cleaning up the comments section of its site. Obviously, a Simon Heffer piece blaming youth crime on the welfare state makes a big steaming pile of troll bait, but as far as I can see these people are entirely serious. Below the fold some results of doing a quick search through its comments for “scum”

The mum, a single parent has
“fallen out with child” who thus gets benefit to
live away from home, and study. Oh good study..
“what is your ambition, for which you will
study?” one asks. The reply ” I will learn
carpentry so I can sign on and work for cash”
And this mum only had one of these, some
scummy mummies have seven , eight,. At that
rate it only takes one generation for scum mum
and progeny to replace the quality produced by 4
mum and dad units with two kids. So 4 pairs of
decent parents are matched in output by one
scum mum. You should hear children in school
classes preparing their scams, excuses to police,
fake claims of injury, assault.
Posted by fiona plymouth on May 28, 2008 10:21 AM

Come now! You have scumbags in the Labour government/public schools telling everybody that “rich” people do not deserve their wealth and that they “stole” the wealth from the lower class and then wonder why the lower class resorts to hopelessness/resentment-induced violence.
Labour scum are the real criminals.
Posted by Edith on May 28, 2008 10:14 AM

Very good article. There is no way anyone should be paid by the State for having more than two kids. No one should be paid for a lifetime of welfare .If people won’t choose to be sterilized the kids need to be adopted out and no messing. If kids can’t be raised decently they need to be hiked out into rescue schools. We have models of this that work very well.
We do need manufacturing and proper tech training, but it cannot be right for youth to hang around being feral. We used to recruit the scum of the earth into the army. Why do we not do so now? Sweden is not a perfect model,they have trouble with unempoyed youth, they have problems with immigrants,where there are troubled schools people are bailing out into private schools. They do have National Service. Everyone has to do it and women can voluteer for it.
Young Mothers need to be in work and not mother on the State. They shouldn’t get anymore
maternity leave than anyone else.
Very good article
Posted by Caroline on May 28, 2008 9:54 AM

Until some of the feral scum, are exterminated like they were in south America the rest of us tax paying citizens will not be able to sleep safe at night
Posted by Steve Byrne on May 28, 2008 6:23 AM

The only question, I suppose, is whether the police should be paid overtime for exterminating feral scum, or whether the market should take care of rewarding them …

More seriously, it’s true that all newspapers have problems with lunatic commentators, and keeping them under control is a thankless and expensive task. But this kind of thing isn’t said in a vacuum. The web concentrates and distils opinion and the Telegraph is I think lending respectability and force to these attitudes. Now that won’t worry Heffer, who wants to see the Welfare State abolished. But it might just worry David Cameron, when these people turn up at party meetings. I assume he’d rather have them in his own party than voting BNP.

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  1. Mrs Tilton says:

    Everyone has to do it and women can voluteer for it.

    Now that is really quite good.

  2. acb says:

    Especially coming from a woman.

  3. Mrs Tilton says:

    I’ve reason to be sceptical about that sort of thing.

  4. dave heasman says:

    is a nice site that trawls for fascist moron comments mostly from the BBC’s “Have Your Say” boxes.

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