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rubber-legged in anticipation

I’ve just been sent the programme for “the Aventis bash(Science book prize)”: next week. There is a photocall for the authors at five, and then a steady programme of refreshments until eight, when the prizes are announced. After that, they … Continue reading Continue reading

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de mortuis

Two things Bob Conquest told me to Reagan’s credit: that he was the only politician who ever actually listened when he, Conquest, was giving an opinion he had been asked for. For most of them asking for an opinion is … Continue reading Continue reading

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For God’s Sake

Hitchens, you’re a journalist, one of the best of our time. And still you can write, “with a straight face,”: this: bq. As to the accusation that Chalabi has endangered American national security by slipping secrets to Tehran, I can … Continue reading Continue reading

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Archbishop Pooter (ret’d.)

From time to time, I feel twinges of regret that I was so cruel, so often, to poor old George Carey. I am assured on good authority that I caused him and his family real pain: at one stage, his … Continue reading Continue reading

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memo to self

Must push the story below the fold somewhere further on Continue reading

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Kill, Quakers, kill!

via “Danny O’Brien”: and “Cory Doctorow” comes the chant for a better class of football hooligan: bq. Fight, fight, inner light! Kill, Quakers, kill! Knock ’em down; beat ’em senseless. Do it till we reach consensus! Continue reading

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Making real men

Whether it is a mark of decadence or of advancing civilisation, we find it harder and harder to credit how the English middle classes treated their children. This is from the “obit of a 90-year-old judge (SIr Gervase Sheldon)”: in … Continue reading Continue reading

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