rubber-legged in anticipation

I’ve just been sent the programme for “the Aventis bash(Science book prize)”: next week. There is a photocall for the authors at five, and then a steady programme of refreshments until eight, when the prizes are announced. After that, they feed us. Is this entirely wise? A dozen authors, locked up for three hours with friends, rivals and unlimited booze, waiting to see who among them will win small fame and a large cheque: this sounds like the plot of a Frayn novel. Those convinced that they will never win might drink to provoke their own bonhomie; those who think they might win will drink to calm their nerves — and one way or another there is, it seems to me, a fair chance that whoever gets shovelled up on stage to make a speech *of less than one minute* as the programme says in bold, will be scarcely able to find the mike stand.

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  1. Rupert says:

    There is a very good way to avoid the temptations that nerves, time and a limitless supply of free booze may offer. Turn up already stoned, and it’ll just be wearing off when you’re called to the podium.

    The photocall may take a little managing, mind.

    Dr Leary

  2. el Patron says:

    Thank you for this advice. I shall “bear”: it in mind haw haw. Certainly, one of the characters in the room should have done it. There really is such a magnificent comedy there…

  3. Rupert says:

    I note that in the Indy’s round-up of the shortlist today it proudly proclaims your past life between (and, of course, sometimes on) its covers. Speaking of covers, I fear the mutant book has the edge by a whisker or two.

    Meanwhile, if you haven’t seen it, you may enjoy the bloggish musings of an English translator of Swedish. Courtesy of the excellent languagehat.


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