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About three years ago, my friend’s wife developed brain cancer, though we didn’t understand this. She stayed angry and resentful all that summer; when too weak for emotion, she was withdrawn, and chewed by headaches. She couldn’t find a job. … Continue reading Continue reading

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living down

I’m working on a speech for the Oxford Union, one of the most ridiculous events of my life. There is an inherited penguin suit hanging on the door, which must be nearly fifty years old, to judge from my father’s … Continue reading Continue reading

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hello world

I’m back. I caught a lot of trout, and came home to a catastrophe, which I will post about tomorrow. In the meantime, here is something compoletely tasteless, which you hardly need to speak German/Austrian to appreciate (via mefi). Suck … Continue reading Continue reading

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gone fishing

I’m going away again; back on Monday evening. I’ll be almost certainly offline till then. Continue reading

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