gone fishing

I’m going away again; back on Monday evening. I’ll be almost certainly offline till then.

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  1. Rupert says:

    Talking of fishy things, I had my sense of wonder thoroughly tweaked by this from Nature:

    ‘Late Cretaceous sediments from the Western Interior of North America yield exceptionally well preserved fossils that serve as proxies for the rapidly changing climate preceding the Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary (about 67

  2. lazarus says:

    Dear Andrew

    Enjoyed your blogs. But am wondering why you bother getting hot under the collar (or elsewhere) about religion and science etc. etc. God, what a bore. Personally, I couldn’t give a stuff.

    Why give more publicity to Dawkins? He is just embarrassing to people who like to think. As a British citizen I am a bit miffed that maybe my taxes pay his salary. What a nightmare thought. Do you think he was ever educated? It doesn’t show in anything he writes.

    I find Mrs Dawkins a bit of an opinionated bore too. Imagine being stuck in a lift with those two?

    But can you imagine being stuck in a lift with anyone from Oxford and still having the will to live?

    Rowan Williams was supposed to supervise my D.Phil. in theology when he was at Christ Church but he buggered off to be a bishop and left me to go my own ways. The sod. Now he is Archbishop of Canterbury. How low can you get? I could have predicted it — anything for the main chance.

    Your friend and mine, Lazarus

  3. jonathan says:

    Lazarus, your taxes don’t currently pay his salary. Though there was no doubt a fraction of them that made its way to the Microsoft share price rises that allowed Charles Simonyi to endow his chair.

    I’m no particular friend of Dawkins but to criticise him in the general terms you use doesn’t really make much of a case. ‘Given the gift of metaphor by the evil fairy’, on the other hand, arrows straight to the target.

    And I never met the second Mrs Dawkins (as opposed to watching her from behind the sofa) but the first is a smart and unboring woman. There: that’s 1-all in broad unanswerable subjective judgments.

    The only person I was ever stuck in a lift with in Oxford _is_ now dead.

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