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Sisters, not parent and child

An interesting and important point from John Barton’s essay on conceptions of the afterlife in the current TLS (not online): Jews and Christians do not of course believe the same things, but the structures of the two faiths are much … Continue reading

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An excellent discovery

Chris Hedges’ book “I don’t believe in atheists.”: My copy has been pre-owned, as they say (I ordered from Powells, since it isn’t published in this country) by a believer in scientism, whose pencil annotations are most illuminating. The book … Continue reading

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Make this man a bishop!

From the comments received at Third Way magazine on their interview with Peter Akinola. Archdeacon Dennis Onyekuru Owerri: In all times God provides for Himself a representative, a mouth piece. This is to show the world His sovereignty, that He … Continue reading

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The shock of Apostasy

I seem to have picked up another fan. A C Grayling, in comments to one of my Guardian blog pieces, says: Andrew; perhaps meditating what tendentiousness you could muster in response to the extraordinary courage of some dozens of people … Continue reading

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A new blog

I have started a blog on god over at the Guardian’s site. All sane and civilised comments welcome. It will presumably impact on posting frequency here, unless I manage to find some way to post stuff simultaneously at both places.

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A taste of canon law

This morning I was reading the Code of Canon Law at breakfast — there is a reason — and found my way to the rules for absolving whomsoever the priest may have screwed. This is a big no no, as … Continue reading

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A sad reality

The Country Vicar wants me to be apocalyptic. Here’s apocalyptic for you: not only is the vice presidential cadidate prayed over by a Kenyan exorcists who boasts of driving “witchcraft” out of towns there, but his boast is defended by … Continue reading

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Rowan Williams and responsibility

In ordinary language, “to take responsibility” for someone or something means to tell them what to do and then take the blame when it goes wrong. This is not at all what Rowan Williams means by the phrase — at … Continue reading

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Good Rowan

I have finished my review, and am sitting on it for a night to decide whether it could not be softened or improved; in any case, here is a passage where Rowan is actually doing what he sets out to … Continue reading

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Rowan on God (I think)

what I understand him to be saying is this: (I have blockquoted it, for as much clarity as possible, but the paraphrase is mine. Subsequent quotes are his.) God is neither a fact amongst other facts, nor an explanation of … Continue reading

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